88 NOTE DIGITAL PIANO IN A MODERN SLIMLINE CABINET WITH TRADITIONAL PIANO PEDALS & SOFT CLOSE LID! Perfect for the advanced student that needs to progress to an 88 Note weighted Piano Action for more expressive & dynamic playing! Delivering the feel of a Real Piano with the functional benefits of a Digital Piano! Available in both black and white finishes. FEATURES: Hammer action keyboard. 88 Note, fully weighted hammer action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity for that professional stage piano feel. 500 Inspiring Factory Sounds Enjoy an extremely wide range of acoustic and electronic sounds, featuring acoustic & electronic pianos, organ’s, guitars, orchestral, synths and bass & drum’s & much more. 200 Arranger Styles + 10 User Styles Built-in, interactive patterns are offered in a variety of musical genres, putting a whole backing band at your fingertips to play along with. Create real-time arrangements using left-hand single-fingered easy play or fully-voiced chords. The AURORA 4000 also offers a 'full-keyboard' mode that responds to chord input across the entire keyboard range. You can also perform with the Rhythm Track only. Intro, Main, Fill & ending sections available.






Brand Beale