Built-in, interactive patterns are offered in a variety of musical genres, putting a whole backing band at your fingertips to play along with. Create real-time arrangements using left-hand single-fingered easy play or fully-voiced chords. The DP500 also offers a 'full-keyboard' mode that responds to chord input across the entire keyboard range.You can also perform with the Rhythm Track only. Intro, Main, Fill & ending sections available.

HARMONYThe Harmony function will automatically add harmony notes to the notes to the notes played on your right hand, giving you a rich and harmonic expression.

PERFORMANCE ASSISTANTPerformance assistant works with Piano & guitar sounds to embellish your performance & produce idiomatic voicings.  Guitar Mode helps you sound like a guitarist producing strums, broken chords & echoism.Piano mode helps you achieve difficult Piano performance skills like Piano Rhythm, roken Chords,& endings.

DSP EFFECTS: Add ambiance and depth to your music with reverb & chorus effects.

KEYBOARD MODES: Split, Layer, Dual & Transpose mode.In Split mode you can perform with 2 different sounds for the Lower & Upper end of the keyboard, use choose the note range for each sound. You could have a Bass on the Lower Octaves & a Piano on the upper octaves for a duo style performance.In Layer Mode you can have 2 different sounds across the entire keyboard. A favourite amongst keyboard players is Piano & Strings.Twinova mode split’s the keyboard in half & mirrors the same octave range on both ends of the keyboard. This is perfect for teaching where the Teacher & student can play the same notes in the same octave in tandem to learn a piece of music. Transpose allows you play a familiar song in a different key without having to change your hand positions on the keyboard.

3 SONG / 6 TRACK SONG RECORDER.Record your own performance s. You can record 6 tracks per song; 5 Instrument Tracks, plus 1 accompaniment track.Songs can be saved directly to a USB device or Computer.

60 MUSIC LIBRARY PRESETS WITH LESSON’S + PLUS 2 DEMO SONGSThe SP1000 has 120 music library songs & each song is equipped with lesson mode.Song control allows you to rewind, fast forward, pause & loop a song, or part of a song, for more fluid practice. Lesson Mode allows you to practice in 3 modes. Left Hand, Right hand & both hands.Lesson mode will evaluate your performance & give you a score based on Pitch, timing & complete performance, so you can monitor your development. 


Brand Beale
Shipping Weight 37.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.420m
Shipping Height 0.800m
Shipping Length 0.435m
Shipping Cubic 0.494160000m3