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The DTXpress IV Standard Set is compact but covers all the basics with 3-zone snare and hi-hat pads and 3-zone round cymbal pads. You get full-size cymbals, plus new learning tools in the 427 drum and percussion sound-housing brain. The new V2 cymbal pads have changed to PCY135 3-zone pads.

The DTXPRESS IV comes with 50 preset kits and 20 locations for storing custom creations. And there's not only drum samples on tap but also percussion and bags of special effects.

Whether you're in the studio, on the road, or work mainly from home - where you can patch in your CD or MP3 player, or make use of the excellent teaching and practice aids like programmable metronome, Rhythm Gate, 44 full-length songs, and built-in sequencer - the DTXPRESS IV offers a sonic experience and feel way beyond its price tag.


  • Tone Generator - AWM2 Maximum Polyphony 32
  • Voices - 427 Drum, Percussion Voices, 22 Keyboard Voices
  • Drum Kits - Preset 50, User 20
  • Effects - Reverb x 19 types, Master EQ
  • Trigger - Setups Preset 7, User 4
  • Sequencer - Note Capacity Approx. 16,000 notes
  • Recording - Type Real Time Replace Track 1
  • Songs - 3 Demo Songs, 41 Practice Songs, 19 Pad Songs, 20 User Songs
  • Metronome - Tempo 30-300 beats/minute, Tap Tempo function Beat 1-9
  • Training Functions - Measure Break, Groove Check, Rhythm Gate
  • Connectors - Trigger inputs 1, 5, 6, 7 (stereo phone jack L trigger input , R rim switch)


SKU blaxland33
Brand Yamaha

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